Complete Guide To Recover WMV Video File

WMV stands for Windows Media Video. Actually it is a compressed video format developed and produced by Microsoft. It is a very efficient video file format. This video file format is mostly used in Windows computers,digital camera,iPods,PSP,mobile phones etc to save recorded videos. In order to provide high quality videos,WMV video stream is often combined with audio stream i.e., Windows Media Audio. This video file format is also highly compatible with all the most used versions of Mac OS. Now after seeing such efficient features of WMV video stream,it would be not wrong to claim it very beneficial but still it is surrounded by some drawbacks. Sometimes these video files get missed from the computer hard drive due to various shady reasons like formatting the Windows hard drive,abrupt system shut down while transferring WMV files from external drive to computer or vice versa,corruption of hard disk where the WMV files were stored,virus infiltration,software malfunction,physical problems with storage media,bad sectors etc. All these reasons lead to loss of the WMV video files. Generally after the occurrence of all these scenarios mostly users think that the WMV files have got permanently erased from the hard drive but in reality the scenario is different. Until the deleted video files are overwritten by new file content ,they can be recover with the help an excellent video recovery software ie., ‘Automatic Photo Recovery Software’. This photo recovery software has been referred a the most comprehensive photo recovery software.

Automatic Photo Recovery Software is having a very easy user-interface. It is embedded with tons of efficient programming skills which can be utilized effectively in getting back deleted WMV video files back from hard disk,memory cards,iPods,PSP,flash drives,removable hard disk etc. Along with recovering WMV video files,this software also supports other video formats like AVI,MP4,MOV,3GP,MPEG,XVID etc. In order to use Automatic Photo Recovery Software,user should follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • First of all user should download ‘Automatic Photo Recovery Software’ from the website and then should install it to their Windows desktop.
  • Then after that installed software should be opened via ‘Start’ menu.
  • In the next step two options would be displayed on the screen i.e., ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ and ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’. From these two options users should select one according to their WMV file loss scenario.
  • After that the software would scan the system and would display all the logical and external drive.
  • From it users should select the drive from where files are to be recovered and then ‘Next’ should be clicked.
  • Then the next screen would display file type where the user can choose WMV file type.
  • After that the application would scan again and display all the recovered files from the selected drive.
  • Then the user should view the files which are restored by this software and should preview the WMV video file.
  • At last finally the user should save their WMV file to the desired destination location.

Now after performing all these steps the user would surely recover the WMV video file.

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