Easily Recover files from formatted or corrupted SDHC card in Windows XP

Windows XP is one of the widely used operating system with interactive interface and easy to use features. It comes with lots of other features using which you can store and manage image, pictures or snapshots. You can store photos and videos taken from your digital camera or camcorders to computer by connecting the digital camera to PC through USB port or by inserting SDHC card to XP computer in a card slot. However, data and multimedia files stored in computer are not always secure and hence you can lost your precious photos, audio or video files under many situations.

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Consider a situation that after connecting SDHC card to Windows XP when you trying to access or view those pictures, you encounter “SDHC card error” and photos are not visible on the card . As a result you end up losing your precious files.

Generally you receive above error when SDHC card got corrupted. SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card are widely preferred over SD card due to its high storage capacity i.e. up to 32 GB. It is being used in many devices like digital camera, camcorders, mobile phones, computers to transfer and store data. However, there are several reasons due to which SDHC card get corrupted or damaged. Some most common one includes:

  1. Accidentally or unintentionally formatting the SDHC card: Once you format the card either accidentally or intentionally , it delete all files from the storage card.

  2. Formatting SDHC card when not detected by camera & computer: SDHC card are not detected by the camera & computer due to reasons like file system damage on card, ejecting card forcefully when files are being transferred from camera to computer and switching off the camera when file is still being processed. In such case you format the card and ultimately all remaining data are erased.

  3. Virus infection to the storage media:Like any other card, SDHC card is highly prone to virus infection. In such case, image, audio and video files automatically lost when you format the virus infected SDHC card.

In all of the above situations, best way to recover files is by using backup. But if there is no backup then you have to rely on third party photo recovery software to easily recover files from formatted or corrupted SDHC card in Windows XP. The tool let you recover lost photo, audio and video file from Windows XP hard drive and also perform photo recovery from corrupted memory card on Mac OS X using the application. The software also help you to recover lost files after formatting SDHC memory card after virus infection or any other reasons. The tool is available as free version that can be easily downloaded online.

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