Recover Deleted Data from Memory card

Memory card or SD card is now most popular storage media that fit from small devices as well as big devices. Mobile phone and camera uses memory card to store data or information. You can also store your data in memory card. Now a day memory card used for various purpose and one of the very advance is You can make it boot-able and use it to boot any PC. Think that your have stored very confidential data in your memory card and accidentally it was deleted, what you do. You have only one option to recover deleted data at any cost. You can recover data from Command prompt when memory card going to corrupted.

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Your memory card data may be lost due to some of common reasons.

  • Unintentional deletion of data
  • Missing system files on memory cards
  • Physical damage
  • Virus Attack

When your realize that your data has been deleted and can not be accessible, you can use manual techniques for recovery. Manual methodology is very hard to complete because you need to know some commands that run on DOS Command Prompt.

For manually recovery you can follow these following steps.

  • Connect your memory card to computer or laptop with USB drives.
  • Open memory card.
  • If you realize that you lost your data stop using it.

Try to open memory card if it will show any error message like “Not accessible” means system detects the card but does not contains data. You can perform “chkdsk” on command prompt.

Two command that is needed

chkdsk [memory card drive name]/r – it will scan all sectors of memory card and also scan bad sector and repair them.
Chkdsk [memory card drive name]/f – this command is used to fix file system error of memory card.

Chkdsk command checks all corrupted disk structure of memory card. When you perform chkdsk operation, ensure that card is not in use. After completion of scanning you can check it in your computer. You can also use third party Memory card recovery software to recover your deleted files.

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