Unrecognized Memory Card Data Recovery

unrecognized memory cardImagine the situation: If you are a seasonal photographer who manages your data with digicam loaded memory card. One day, you connected your memory card to computer for editing few photos in it. If your computer fails to recognize your memory card after connecting to the system. Then in that situation don’t take it hard and disconnect card from your system and again not reconnect. Since, your computer is not going to recognize after reinserting memory card once again. At that moment you get nervous since your memory card contains lots of important photographs which you have to hand over to your valuable client.

There are various possible reason behind such unrecognized condition such as power failure, improper removal from system, after file system corrupt, virus attack, etc or if any physically damage due to overheating, dropping and so on. Many users have no ideas about the truth that when memory card can’t detected in Windows explorer, it doesn’t mean that it is of no any further use.

How to recover data from unrecognized memory card ?

You can fix unrecognized memory card problem by manually. Insert the same memory card and follow the below instruction to make memory card recognizable.

  • Choose “Manage” by right-click on the My Computer
  • From the Manage menu choose “Disk Management”, a panel show physical drives and partitions
  • From the drive listed below locate the name “WD_Backup” which has no any drive letter. This is the memory card to which you require to assign a drive letter
  • Right-Click on the drive having no drive letter and then select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”
  • Choose “Add” and then choose available drive letter. Choose next highest drive letter from available list and click “OK” to complete
  • Returns to the disk management panel to check the drive letter is assigned or yet to be assign
  • Exit from Disk Management panel. Double click on “My Computer” and view memory card along with drive letter which has re-appeared as normal

But to use, you need to format the memory card before assigning file system as it would be in “RAW” state. However, formatting the card leads to removing of complete data from memory card. So, in this situation, you must use Memory Card Recovery software to recovered your essential data files.

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